View My Catalog For Collar Ideas



1. Pick your collar style: Regular or Martingale

2. Pick your Nylon

             5 Colors: Black, Brown, Neon Green, Neon Pink, or Red

         2 Widths: 5/8" or 1"


3. Pick your Ribbon                

I have LOTS of ribbons to choose from! Most are either 3/8" wide or 5/8" wide.

    ***Keep in mind the width of the ribbon compared to the width of the nylon you chose above.   


4. Measure your dog's neck and choose from the following sizes 

X-Small: 8"-12"

Small: 10"-14"

Medium: 14"-20"

Large: 18"- 26"

X-Large: 24"-32"

Custom length: Tell me the exact circumference of your dog's neck and I will make his/her collar slightly

                          adjustable to that length.    

                        *This is best for dogs that are mature and don't require a large adjustment.    

                        *This is also great if you have a tiny or very large dog!



5. Create a matching leash

Visit the Pre-Made Leash Gallery




1. Leashes come in nylons that are the same as the dog collars.    

        -5/8" or 1"

        -Black, Brown, Neon Green, Neon Pink, or Red


2.Ribbon that can be sewn onto collars can be sewn onto leashes for a coordinated look!


3. Pick your preferred leash length: 4'or 6'